In light of thanksgiving this past week, we’ve been reflecting a lot on all that we’re thankful for. We are overflowing with thankfulness for the incredible people in our lives. I’ve been thinking lately about how silly it seems to leave a community of such great people, to choose a path that takes so far away from those that we know and love. Yet I think it is out of those people that we go; that the love and strength we have in “our people” back home encourages us on towards those we’re working with.

We are also just so incredibly thankful for this opportunity; that we have jobs that give us a role in caring for these precious kids, that we get to live in such a comfortable place alongside of such a wonderful team, and that we have so many people who are willing to support us so that we can go. A special thank you to all of you that have supported us financially – we are so humbled by the generosity of our friends and families. We hope that you feel as blessed as we do as you are participate in caring for orphans in this way. There’s a saying around the foster home, that not everyone is meant to adopt, but everyone is meant to participate in caring for orphans. We’re so thankful that, as we go along this journey, so many others get to participate in caring for these kids as well – through prayer, emotional support of those working on the frontline and financially. Thank you.

We are also so thankful for the beautiful little kids we get to work with. There is such hardship yet beauty in the lives of these little ones, and their stories have already encouraged and challenged and shaped us. As we’re getting into our roles here and are getting to know more of the kids – we’re already seeing more of the brokenness of our world, and yet the beautiful redemptive love of Jesus – working to bring wholeness to His children. We are just so thankful for Jesus – for giving us a home in His family alongside these small brothers and sisters, and for guiding us in His peace and grace.


Adorable little cutie in her play room
Stephen speaking at an event in a Chinese mall supporting New Hope
Working on stairs with this champ 🙂

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Bart Foster

    So glad for you to have this opportunity to work with children in the great nation of China. Working with children anywhere is a privilege but in a nation with so much historic significance is very exciting.

    We are praying for you and you are very close to our hearts!


  2. Brian

    We miss you guys ton – but love to hear and see pictures of the good things you are already doing in the lives of these Chinese babies. Love you!


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