Here and well

Hello all!

Arriving in Beijing

We are here, safe and sound in China! We are unpacked and settled into our room, have met all the English-speaking staff and some of the Mandarin speaking staff, and are getting oriented to how everything runs around here.

As we are working to get over the jet lag, we’re doing some tasks that require a little less brain power, i.e. being hands on help for preschool, picking up suitcases of donations and moving pictures of kids from temporary files to more permanent ones to be added to their scrapbooks. It is so beautiful to see the ways they go above and beyond here for the kids. For example, the amount of energy going into compiling adorable scrapbooks is amazing. For each kid in their care, the staff here puts together a scrapbooked folder of special moments – including preschool crafts, baby

Looking out on the grounds on a sunny, blue sky first day!

photos, and birthday parties – so that the kids and hopefully future adoptive families have tangible memories and a history. The amount of effort that is put into creating rich lives for these children is moving.


We’re starting to get to spend some time with the kids – which has been lovely. Hanging out with the preschool classes has been an easier way to start to get to meet the kids and learn their names, as class is held in small groups of 3 or 4. Only 1 kid freaked out when first meeting Stephen (the kids don’t have a lot of experience seeing giant white men), but then later happily waved hello so I think he’s fine. 🙂

Well, we’re doing good but are feeling exceptionally tired and therefore not very eloquent at the moment. We just wanted to post that we’re here and doing well during the first few days of our transition.

Thank you for your ongoing encouragement, support and prayer – it means so much!

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